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Visual Studio - Converting a library project to web application project (WAP)

So it happened that I had a library project in a large solution in Visual Studio 2010 that I now wanted to operate as a Web Application project so I can configure an IIS application for it (it was bascially a bridge project for communication with a third-party library to which I now needed to add HttpHandlers to provide http end-points for interaction with the third-party library).

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Drupal 6 - Adding custom operations to Users list in administration pages

In my recent Drupal work last week, I needed to add custom operations to the Users Custom links on user list administration pagelist administration page accessible at "admin/user/user" on a Drupal 6 site (

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IIS 7 - 500 Internal Server Error trying to configure a default document in web.config

I am in the process of deploying an osCommerce site to a Windows 2008/IIS 7 machine as I write this (no point debating the merit of doing so, you really can't fight the management if they have taken a decision and you are not even a part of that particular decision making).

So they want a default document of let's say index.html for their website from where they want to take the user to osCommerce's main index.php based page. And I need to make the appropriate settings in web.config to have this going.

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Sencha Touch 2 - CompositeField for Touch

Another post on a Sencha Touch 2 feature that I initially thought was absent in the framework altogether, but was found hidden within its elaborate (and often tricky) source code.

I needed a CompositeField for Touch 2, but having a look at its api documentation, it was no-where to be found. I continued my search into Touch 2's source files as earlier also, I have found classes/components I needed there but without a corresponding mention in the api docs.

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Sencha Touch 2 - SplitButton component for Touch

Last in the series of posts on menus and associated custom components for Sencha Touch 2, I would present SplitButton component for Touch in this blog post.

First things first, here's a live example:

Followed by the code for the Splitbutton component:


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Sencha Touch 2 - DropDownButton component for Touch

Continuing with my previous blog post on a Menu component for Sencha Touch 2, here I present a DropDownButton component for Touch 2 supporting any depth of nested sub-menus for the drop-down.

First a live example:


Now the source for the DropDownButton component:

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Sencha Touch 2 - Menu component for Touch supporting any depth of nested sub-menus

I did some interesting things with Sencha Touch over the last month, and I am going to share some of them in a series of blog posts over the next couple of days. But I am running really short of time. So I would let the code do the talking, and there would be minimal explanations (if any) in the posts themselves on what the code does and how.

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YouTube - Retrieving video information in javascript

Nothing is probably more frustrating for a developer than a framework/api providing some feature but not documenting it. No doubt, this would have happened to you multiple times. For me, two very different frameworks (well one was a framework and the other an api) posed the challenge over the last week to explore them without complete documentation.

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PayPal - IPN validation calls need to go to sandbox system when payment was made on sandbox environemnt

In continuation of my last blog post on handling PayPal IPN callbacks in Drupal, I would like to acknowledge one mistake I made while writing that code to handle IPN callbacks from PayPal.

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Drupal - Handling PayPal IPN callbacks and saving data to the database

PayPal integration is such a common requirement for e-commerce sites, irrespective of the platform the site is built with, right. So recently a client approached me for integrating PayPal payments into their Drupal site, and my immediate question to them was why are they asking me to invent the wheel again. There sure are many PayPal integration modules available on, and why don't they use one of them.

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