Running DOS-based Programs in Vista


A very common requirement of Students, is running 16-bit DOS-based programs in Windows Vista (For professionals, 16-bit DOS has been long obsolete).

Although, I do not recommend the 2 methods I am mentioning below for running 16-bit DOS-based programs in Vista in full screen mode, still you can safely use them if you need to.

Turbo C


Students in India typically start their Development exposure through Tubo C/C++, which I must confess is a pretty old and obsolete development tool.

I would rather recommend using atleast GCC fow Windows, or VC/VC++.

In any case, if you need TC/TC++ compiler, you can download it from below. Just unzip the file into any drive on your harddisk. Rememeber, to set the Directories for TC properly available at:

Without those settings pointing to correct paths, you would have trouble compiling any program.