I always think tomorrow will have more time than today.
And every today seems to pass-by faster than yesterday.

Life is beautiful...
Try to visualize the good hidden in every moment of life
you realize
its worth living on this earth.

Welcome to rahulsingla.com, the online home of Rahul Singla.

Introducing myself, I am a Freelance Developer specializing in development, deployment and maintenance of solutions including Database Applications, Web Portals and end-to-end productivity solutions to be deployed on Intranets or the Internet.

I currently operate a Software Firm called Imbibe Technologies Pvt Ltd which is an Independent Software Solutions Vendor (ISSV) cum IT Consulting firm, providing cutting-edge Software products. I also operate a Technical Training Institute providing education in developer technologies related to IT field, called Imbibe Knowledge Enterprise.

On the personal front, I have been fortunate to be involved in more activities and events, than I possibly could keep count of. I am based in Karnal (India) which is a beautiful city to live in.

Regarding this site, as they say, virtual space today is more valuable than the real one...

Jokes apart, this site aims to integrate the best of the hottest web technologies today, ASP.NET, JSP & JSF, PHP and off-course xHTML & Perl across its interesting sections.
This portal provides information about me, my skill set, articles, sample source code, tips & other information to you as a programmer. I also intend to use it as a Connection point for my clients, providing some exclusive stuff to them. I plan to add some useful programs & source code I've written over the years to the download sections at various places all over portal.

The site is currently under development, and when it completes, you will hardly notice the disparate range of web technologies that serve the pages for different sections of this site for you.

So, go ahead and Check out some interesting Articles available, or download some exciting applications at the Downloads section.
Browse the Projects section for some interesting applications and code demostrating some really useful programming tips & traps.
Check out my Gallery at Gallery (to come soon).
Have any problems, or want to discuss something, visit the Contact page and add a comment.

You can get in touch with me at my Forum or mail me at rs@rahulsingla.com.

Please do visit my Guestbook, and leave your thoughts regarding what do you think about this site, and how can I improve it to make it more useful for you.