November 2011

YouTube - Retrieving video information in javascript

Web 2.0: 

Nothing is probably more frustrating for a developer than a framework/api providing some feature but not documenting it. No doubt, this would have happened to you multiple times. For me, two very different frameworks (well one was a framework and the other an api) posed the challenge over the last week to explore them without complete documentation.

Drupal - Handling PayPal IPN callbacks and saving data to the database


PayPal integration is such a common requirement for e-commerce sites, irrespective of the platform the site is built with, right. So recently a client approached me for integrating PayPal payments into their Drupal site, and my immediate question to them was why are they asking me to invent the wheel again. There sure are many PayPal integration modules available on, and why don't they use one of them.

.Net - Compressing directories recursively with ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib

I think there's hardly anything to explain here or give introduction about, the title says it all. I wrote a small function to zip directories recursively using the free and open-source ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib library.

So without saying many more things, here's the function:


ExtJs 4/Touch 2 - Ext.clone can lead to stack overflow with circular references

It feels good to be blogging again after a gap, the last couple of months or so have been way too hectic. Although I expect the schedule to remain clogged up for some more time, I will try to squeeze in some blog posts over the next couple of days. So, lets now come to the topic of this blog post, Ext.clone in ExtJs/Touch resulting in stack overflows while trying to clone an object containing circular references.