Orkut is a desktop clone of the popular social networking site built in JSE 6 by my student Loveleen Bhardwaj of DIET, Karnal during her 5th semester of her Masters degree.

The application tries to clone Orkut closely, providing all features like Scrapbook, Friends, Profile, Search etc. What’s more, the Orkut interface also has been mimicked very closely by Loveleen.

I was very impressed with the UI and the functionality of the application when it was demonstrated to me. What’s more, she developed it stand-alone without any assistance from anybody. This project also marks her graduation to professional development arena with skills like using Google on-demand, seeking help at forums, and to give it all it takes to deliver the result. Good attempt I must say!





    really gud wrk……..in 5th sem she did it alone…but i m sure sum1 spcl must hv inspired her to do dis….

  2. puneet

    Well Done lovleen…….keep it up….all the best for future….

  3. himanshu

    superb work loveleen…

    hope to see your more projects like this..Smile

    have fun.

  4. nikhil sharma

    dunia kahan phunch gyi main kahan hu


  5. prateek bhardwaj

    i m proud of u sis

  6. Navneet Kaur

    You have done a great job. You can even do better than this. Gud luck for your future…….. 


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