Drupal Document module

Document is a complete Document Management System for the Drupal CMS. I am still working on some parts of the module and hopefully, its first release should be available soon.

The official page for the module on drupal.org is this:

The current page is the permanent address for the module on my website, where I would provide updates on the module development status, and links to some other resources I have created for using the module. You can also use this for discussing with me any issues you face while using the module. However, please file all bug reports and feature requests at the official module issue queue.

I will try to add a Demo for the module at my Sandbox site for Drupal as soon as possible.


  • Jun 18, 2011 – Drupal 7 version of the module is now available. Please help me in testing it and iron out any issues to create a stable release for the D7 branch.


  1. Enrique Sanchez

    Hi Rahul:

    Sorry if this is not the rigth place to ask. Feel free to remove the comment if not.

    I’m installling your promising Documents module for Drupal 6 and after enabling and saving the module I get an error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘{‘ in PATHTOMYROOTDRUPAL\modules\document\document.module on line 289″

    I’ve been reading the php code in this line but I can’t find anything wrong. Any clue?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. oscar

    Hi Rahul:

    I was wondering if you can give me a hand. i installed your module onto my drupal site, everything looks good exept when i try to add a document type. after i type in the document type onto the text box and press the button to add it it give me an error. the error only reads “error”

    Thank you in advance


  3. Ullrich


    after installing the document module on my stage enviroment, I tried to define document types, but always received an error message when entering something in the field:

    Add Document Type:

    What needs to be entered their? (f.e doc or .doc) did’nt work


  4. rahul

    Hi Ullrich, Document Type is basically a regular Drupal Taxonomy vocabulary which the module uses to organize documents. You can enter any classification for the document, e.g. Report, Guideline etc. However, I don’t see a reason why doc etc. should also fail. Please ensure that clean urls are enabled on the server.

  5. diskr

    Hello, I wanted to ask how to fix document table sort error. If i first search document and again sort table

    then i jump in new window (file – screenshot)?

    Thanks for the help

  6. David

    Hey, would love to see a demo of the document module in sandbox. Have a client that would like to see a demo. Any idea of when you might have one available?

  7. rahul

    Hi David, I currently do not plan to make available demo for the Document module in my sandbox site. Why don’t you install the module on a test Drupal installation yourself? It should not take more than 10 minutes to download and install Drupal together with the Document module for a demonstration.

  8. Jon

    Hi Rahul

    I have installed the document module, created a folder to store the documents in, configured the module all with no problems.

    My initial problem is that I placed a document (pdf file) in the relevant folder, but when I tried to access it via the documents gui the searches returned nothing.

    file name: quote_template.pdf

    I searched using keyword ‘quote’ and filetype ‘pdf’, to no avail.

    Also, if, as I assume from a previous post that ‘filetype’ is not the extension, ie .pdf, but a catagory into which any filetype (based on extension) could be placed, how are the files meant to be uploaded? If my assumption is correct a category (type) would need to be allocated to it at time of upload.

    I apologise if I am being obtuse but I am a bit confused at to the intended usage of this. I was looking for something that would manage a repository of documents, making them available for download, via a simple interface, to those authorised to do so.

    I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me on this.

    many thanks for your work on this module


  9. Chris Wray

    Hi Rahul,

    What lines do I need to comment out to remove the document revisioning?

    Many thanks

    Chris Wray

  10. Michael

    Experimenting with your module — great so far!  A couple questions:

    1)  Is it possible to organize documents by CATEGORY?  So for example, when uploading a doc you specify that it belongs to the “Account Department” or “Human Resources”.  Then on the search page you’d see a drop down menu which would allow users to only display (or search) documents within a specific category.

    2) Is there a max number of docs you’d recommend NOT exceeding?

    Thanks for your help.

  11. simone

    Hi Rahul. One questions: whath do you think about the use of db (mysql) to store docments? For a large number of documents to manage I think to obtain some benefits with this stategy. Do you think to do that should be very difficult? I’d like to work at this project.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Simone Marcucci

  12. matt

    I’ve installed the module and think it works great but I had one quick question.  I can’t seem to figure out how to add anything to the drop down list “Document Type.”  The only option is “None selected.”  I’m sure that I am missing something painfully obvious but I can’t figure this out on my own.  Thanks for your help.

  13. Marc

    Hi Rahul. One questions: what about a document module version for drupal 7? is it very difficult translate the module in drupal 7 version or is possible to install version 6, as is, on drupal 7?

    Many thanks

  14. Jon

    Hi Rahul

    Just flagging my interest in a D7 version of the module.

    many thanks


  15. Michael

    is there any AND or OR functionality built into the search?  There doesn’t seem to be based on my testing, but wanted to check.

    The issue I’m experiencing is this.  If I have keywords listed for a document as “house, dog, tree” and do a keyword search on “house, tree” the document does NOT get returned.  It seems like I have have to perform the keyword search in the EXACT order of the keywords else it doesn’t work.  Is that how the search functions on your end?

  16. Sathiya

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for the superub module. I need you help in its configuration. I am not getting the list of availabled documents under admin/content/document. All the time  page shows only the headers(type, title, author,year of publication, keywords) without listing the documents though there are many. Please help.

  17. marc simone

    Hi Rahul,

    do you have some news about the 7.x port?


  18. Chris Wray

    Hi Rahul,

    Some of our users and I have come across a pagination bug using the document search, if a user searches and go to page 2 in the results, the search criteria is cleared.

    Admittedly, the user should not have to go to page 2 but some of our content editors are not adding enough keywords when uploading documents, so our users are havign to trawl through the results pages to find the required document. Which is where the probelm above occurs, only the first page actually works with search criteria.

    Please help


  19. Wendy

    Hi Rahul!  First let me say thank you so much for this module, I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a good, clean way to manage documents, and this meets all of my client’s needs!  Unfortunately I do have a problem.  When we add new documents via the node it gives us a message that they are awaiting publishing, but I can’t find anywhere in the system that I can moderate/publish those documents.  We are adding them as a super user and trying to moderate as a super user.  The Documents list under manage content is also empty, however when I look at just the content list they are all there.  Please let me know what changes to my configuration I need to make to get this working.

    Thanks much!

  20. marc simone

    Hi Rahul,

    some news about the 7.x port?  not all goes well?

    thanks much!

  21. simone

    Ciao Rahul,

    I would like to give access to documents download only to authenticated users.

    I need to leave documents and download links visible also to anonimous users, but when somebody click on a download link a login request must be compare.

    Is this possibile ?

    Best Regards

  22. rahul_singh

    Hi ,

      We are using drupal 7.when we delete any document which is created its give a error ——- 

    Recoverable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to db_query() must be an array, string given, called in /var/www/html/xyz/theme/sites/all/modules/document/document.module on line 409 and defined in db_query() (line 2311 of /var/www/html/xyz/theme/includes/database/database.inc).

    Please give the solution for this.

  23. pam


    Thanks for a great module! I am using drupal 6 and I have it up and running well…however, when trying to download the files I have created, I get a page not found error instead. The files are being called from the system/files/xxx directory which isnt working for me, but if i replace system with sites/all, then I can open the document. Any ideas why this is happening?

  24. Eric

    I have installed the document module on Drupal 6 and create a new document node for each document and I can’t download the document using the download link in the newly created document node. I do have clean urls enabled..

    When selecting the document link it opens to a new page that has page not found

  25. Michael


    I’m using version 7 of your document module and when i enable the module i get the following error message

    Warning: Parameter 1 to document_block1_form() expected to be a reference, value given in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 773 of /var/www/drupal_bolton/drupal-7.8/includes/form.inc).
    Warning: Parameter 1 to document_block2_form() expected to be a reference, value given in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 773 of /var/www/drupal_bolton/drupal-7.8/includes/form.inc).

    Can you please help? This module will be the main feature of the website. I have found line 773 in the form.inc but not sure what i need to do next?

  26. Wendy Wickstrom

    Hi Rahul!  I am experiencing an issue that I can’t find any documentation about regarding revisions.  If I choose not to create a revision, the module won’t let me upload a document.  However, when I save a revision and try to revert to it, it removes the uploaded document connection completely.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  27. sapha

    Hi Rahul, 

    I’ve installed Document + TAC in Drupal 6. 

    I can treat a document like a normal content and I can set the access permissions to that document through the TAC (or TACL) module. That works, users can see only the documents mathing their profile in the front page, but if they click on “Documents” in the left menu, the can see the whole list of documents.

    Is it a my mistake? I could not find how to set the permissions on the list.


  28. Wendy Wickstrom

    Hi Rahul!  We are using your module on a load balanced cluster of servers and are experiencing issues with the files being transferred to all servers.  This has nothing to do with your module, but I am interested in using Storage API, can that be integrated with the Document module?

    Thank you!

  29. Mauro Litsure

    Hi Rahul,

    I have just installed your document module on drupal 7x and have successfully enabled it. But as i try to open the link Documents I get the following error:

    Warning: Parameter 1 to document_search_form() expected to be a reference, value given in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 771 of/home/quickstart/websites/example.dev/includes/form.inc).

  30. priyanka

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for the module.

    But when ever i am updating the document it is asking me to upload the document file which was already uploaded while creating it. at the same time the module is working fine with garland theme.

    please check attached image for refence. i am using drupal 6.

  31. chandra mohan

    http://localhost/drupal/document this node is in navigational menu, and visible with admin login, but when i login with other authenticated user id it is not visible, also direct login to this page via browsers give me no access message.

  32. chandra

    http://localhost/drupal/document is not accesible to other authentic users. I serched a lot. even i provided other user admin powers even though this node was not visible to othe user. and working good with admin user. plz help

  33. rahul

    To everyone who is trying to use the D7 version of this module, all reported issues with D7 version have been fixed. Please try using the latest dev version of the module from:

  34. Wayne

    Can the date range be chnaged.
    I need to dates to go back to at least 1770 as I will be using it on a Museum site.

  35. Wayne

    That did the job. Thanks

  36. Alexander Bock

    Hello Rahul,

    your tool is really what i need, very greatSmile. But there is one thing, that i can´t solve. My problem is to give any user´s which come to my site the possibility to search for a part of documents, whether they have the status “guest”. But they can´t use your input mask, because of having no authentificationFrown.

    I´ve looked into your code, but can´t find something. Do you have any idea?

  37. Geeta

    In the category dropdown, it’s hard to see what is a main category and what is a sub category when browsing articles. We need suggestions on how to better do this.

  38. Iván Campaña

    Hi! I really like your module, I’m using it on drupal 7, I started a project to create a tree like browser for documents, it’s based on jquery’s jstree and works with the latest version of your module.


    Give it a shot, tell me if you like it and think of something that can be improved or fixed 😀

  39. Michael

    At the moment my document list will only show the first 10 documents and there isn’t a way of seeing anymore/going onto the next page. Do you know why this is?

  40. simone



    I’ve a problem with document module, I’ve defined documents types and set this field in each document item, but the “document type” field is always empty in document list (using a view) and details.

    what did I do wrong ?


    Thank you

  41. Agio

    Dear Rahul,

    In my local sandbox (Drupal 7.22) the Document module shows the problem to be unable to remove “Document Type” once added.

    Are you able to help on this? Thanks


  42. Richenda

    Hi Rahul,

    The module works very well. I am a little stumped, however, when it comes to styling the document nodes. The default template includes things I don’t want, like the image for the uploading user. The only fields I can play with under Manage Fields are the the tags I set up and the abstract. When I enable Display Suite I get the control I want, but the Download link disappears from view and isn’t in the available fields either.

    Can Document and Display Suite play nicely? Am I missing a setting? Do I need to edit the template file?

    Thanks much!

  43. Marc Simone

    Hello Rahul,

    during a debug of the document.module (to understanding access permissions) I saw into the document_node_access function that the variable $type always returns the value “Document” and not “document” and so the comparison if($type == ‘document’) … always returns false. Did I miss something?


    function document_node_access($node, $op, $account) {

      $type = node_type_get_name($node);

      // Mia nota: $type contiene Document con lettera maiuscola e non document … pertanto di qui non passa mai. Verificare

      if($type == ‘document’) {


    Thanks much

    Marc Simone

  44. coleen

    Just installed it, and it went well on my part. It’s a nice work, actually. A very useful one. – Lindsay Rosenwald

  45. Jason

    What would cause the download link to dissapear from the display page. I created some documents a month ago and they worked fine upon checking them today the download link fromfrom those pages have disappeared and creating new document pages none of them apear with down load links.

  46. Amir

    Thanks for rhe module!

    As far as I understand the content of file is not searchable by this module (as Drupal search itself can’t do that too)! Am I right to assume that? I guess I need helper modules to search the content of the file! (Is that correct?)


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