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“Reference Links” allows custom Urls to be attached to nodes. Its use is seen basically for documentation pages on a site.

This module allows users to add links (internal or external) to nodes, that can provide further information about the current node. The important thing is that Users need NOT have edit permissions for the node. You can allow users with non-edit permissions to add/attach new links to nodes, when the page is being viewed normally.

This module was originally created for IIT Bombay, for the website: http://www.scilab.in.

The official page for the module on drupal.org is this:
You can download the latest version of the module from the official module page on drupal.org.

An online demo for the module is now available here:

The current page is the permanent address for the module on my website. You can use this page for discussing with me any issues you face while using the module. However, please file all bug reports and feature requests at the official module issue queue.

As soon as I get time, I will update this page with the current development status of the module, and my future vision for it (which is immediately guided by some feature requests from Drupal community member, icametoplay discussed here).

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  1. Lori

    Hi, First the demo for reference links isn’t working.

    I thought I would try the module out and installed bout votingapi and reference links. I set up the configuration and preferences.

    Now I am not sure what to do? How can I create a noted including reference links and it’s rating system?


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