Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch 2 - CompositeField for Touch

Another post on a Sencha Touch 2 feature that I initially thought was absent in the framework altogether, but was found hidden within its elaborate (and often tricky) source code.

I needed a CompositeField for Touch 2, but having a look at its api documentation, it was no-where to be found. I continued my search into Touch 2's source files as earlier also, I have found classes/components I needed there but without a corresponding mention in the api docs.

Sencha Touch 2 - Menu component for Touch supporting any depth of nested sub-menus

I did some interesting things with Sencha Touch over the last month, and I am going to share some of them in a series of blog posts over the next couple of days. But I am running really short of time. So I would let the code do the talking, and there would be minimal explanations (if any) in the posts themselves on what the code does and how.

ExtJs 4/Touch 2 - Ext.clone can lead to stack overflow with circular references

It feels good to be blogging again after a gap, the last couple of months or so have been way too hectic. Although I expect the schedule to remain clogged up for some more time, I will try to squeeze in some blog posts over the next couple of days. So, lets now come to the topic of this blog post, Ext.clone in ExtJs/Touch resulting in stack overflows while trying to clone an object containing circular references.