May 2012

WIF - Security Token Service for Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

We had recently integrated Claims Authentication support in one of our enterprise applications. And it soon-after went into evaluation for a prospective clients. We had advised them to use ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) to create the authentication bridge between our application and the underlying authentication repository.

DotNetNuke - Rendering PayPal button using a simple aspx page and an iframe


A beginner ASP.NET developer also knows pretty well that each ASP.NET page needs to have a <form runat="server"> tag on the page and that all server controls need to be present inside this tag (although this is not entirely true; you can place server controls outside <form runat="server"> but then they cannot participate in regular ASP.NET functionality like PostBacks, Viewstate etc).

Windows ODBC - DB: database - getDriverType - Data Source Does not Exist in ODBC.INI file

Sometime ago I was installing Autonomy's WorkSite Server on my new Win 7 64-bit machine for development purposes. Folks who have used WorkSite would know WorkSite connects to its database via ODBC. I had earlier installed WorkSite on a Win 2003 32-bit machine and I thought it was pretty easy to set WorkSite up.

Visual Studio builds loaded projects only when building solution from command line

One of my Visual Studio 2010 solutions has a comparatively larger number of projects (more than 30). And we use PowerShell scripts extensively to automate many build and packaging tasks for this solution.

For example, the main PowerShell build script rebuilds all the projects in the solution, minifies js/css resources from various projects, packages various projects as stand-alone installable modules and packages the main project as an installer/updater.

ExtJs - Slider component with ability to add items dynamically

Sometime earlier, I wrote a blog post demonstrating a Ticker component for ExtJs to which items can be added dynamically (here). The client for whom I originally wrote that Ticker component changed the specification recently, now requesting the ability for the ticker items to stay on screen for a configurable duration of time.