Sometime ago I was installing Autonomy’s WorkSite Server on my new Win 7 64-bit machine for development purposes. Folks who have used WorkSite would know WorkSite connects to its database via ODBC. I had earlier installed WorkSite on a Win 2003 32-bit machine and I thought it was pretty easy to set WorkSite up.

After the usual installation, I was configuring the database for the WorkSite service. I restored a database backup to Sql Server, created a ODBC connection for it from Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Data Sources (ODBC) and finally registered the database with WorkSite Server using the iManage Service Manager.

But I was unable to login to WorkSite using our custom app (which connects to WorkSite via its SDK) as well as via DeskSite. When I opened WorkSite’s log from its Service Manager, I noticed this error there:

Connect:1232:Error  [7896] DB: database - getDriverType - Data Source Does not Exist in ODBC.INI file

I had no clue about this error and hence reached out to a good friend who’s a WorkSite guru.

He advised me that WorkSite uses 32-bit ODBC and hence I need to create my ODBC DSN in 32-bit mode using the ODBC Administrator utility at this path:


As soon as I did that, WorkSite played along nicely.

So if you are getting the error “getDriverType – Data Source Does not Exist in ODBC.INI file” while trying to use ODBC on a Windows 64-bit machine, you would want to try creating your ODBC DSN in 32-bit mode too.