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ASP.NET MVC 4 - Convert an existing Web Application Project to Web Api project

I do not have much time to provide the background, suffice it should be to say that I decided to adopt ASP.NET 4.0 MVC Web Api in a major way today after being in evaluation mode for some days (4.0 MVC was still in Beta as I wrote this).

And so I needed to convert my existing Web Application (WAP) projects to Web Api projects. And I followed a very simple approach to figure out the same. I created a new solution with 2 projects, one a WAP project and the other a Web Api project. I removed all default configuration from both the projects leaving only the absolute essentials behind.

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A simple VB like InputBox/Prompt function for PowerShell

In the last few weeks, I have written a good number of PowerShell scripts that accept input from the user in the form of traditional prompt boxes (e.g. in one situation, I needed the user to enter Sql connection string to execute custom actions against a database). And it appeared to me it might be useful to share the function to produce a simple prompt box in PowerShell.

So without wasting much time, here's the function:


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Windows - Task Scheduler can start programs at system startup or user logon

Some weeks ago, I had installed BitVise's WinSSHD server on my primary SVN server machine to enable secure remote access. After the installation, I was noticing that WinSSHD's Control Panel would start up automatically when I login to the machine.

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DotNetNuke - Allowed file extensions and File Manager module

We had recently upgraded a client site from DNN 4.x to DNN 6.x and refactored the site in a major way during the upgrade. One of the things involved as part of the upgrade was revamping the theme of the site.

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CollabNet Subversion - Restricting user access to repositories

I have been using Subversion for version control for a good time now. And I use CollabNet's Subversion server for all in-house SVN repos. It has been only recently that a need arose to restrict access to repositories for my colleagues.

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Connecting to SqlExpress over a secure SSH Tunnel

I am in the process of revamping server setups for my office as a part of which I am establishing different Windows servers for Sql Server Developer 2008, Sql Server Express and Svn Server. Considering that I often work late nights from my home as well as when I am travelling, I wanted to be able to connect securely to any of these servers as and when required, even when I am outside my office's local network.

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Windows Firewall - opening/closing ports via command-line

I was today making some changes to a web application for a client hosted on a dedicated Win 2008 server. When I tried to connect using FTP to upload my changes to the web-server, I got a:

Response: 425 Can't open data connection.
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

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Outlook - Automatically forwarding e-mails when the server does not support it

I was recently allocated a Microsoft BPOS Online Services Exchange account for a client and I was configuring the same in Outlook. To keep up with the emails on the new account, I wanted to receive all incoming/outgoing emails for this BPOS account to my another email account that is synced across multiple devices I use.

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Voip Drupal and PhoneRecorderField - Resolving "Audio not recorded. Try again." error

This week I delievered the first phase of a VOIP based Drupal site to a medical industry client using the VoipDrupal suite of modules. Let me first take this opportunity to acknowledge the great work Leo Burd and his team at MIT Center have done in developing an excellent and comprehensive set of modules revolving around providing VOIP support in Drupal, I never thought I could do a Drupal VOIP project in such less time until I did it using the mentioned suite of modules.

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SVN - Copying versioned folders recursively on Windows without .svn folders

Most of us (I mean developers using SVN as version control system) at some point or the other have needed to copy a versioned folder/folders recursively to another location without those ".svn" directories being copied, right. For me, this is a pretty common task every few weeks when I backup my project files or when I need to sync source files between multiple repos in a highly distributed environment.

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