Exchange does not like Null character (\0) in outgoing email bodies

Last time I was developing for Microsoft Exchange, I was seeing a wierd exception in our application trying to send an email using Exchange (the application uses EWS Managed API to interact with Exchange).

The exception message went something like this when it was shown in the browser:

Outlook - Automatically forwarding e-mails when the server does not support it


I was recently allocated a Microsoft BPOS Online Services Exchange account for a client and I was configuring the same in Outlook. To keep up with the emails on the new account, I wanted to receive all incoming/outgoing emails for this BPOS account to my another email account that is synced across multiple devices I use.

Exchange - Saving mails to delegated User's mailbox with EWS Managed API

Microsoft Exchange allows a user to access another User's mailbox in 2 ways, Delegation and Impersonation (Check this for more details). If you have used Outlook or Outlook web Access (OWA) and shared mailboxes with other users, chances are that you used Exchange delegation for mailbox sharing.

Parsing iCal RRULE

In continuation of my last blog post for managing Calendars dynamically for the ExtJs Calendar component, I present in this blog post the logic behind parsing and serializing Recurrence rules for the Calendar component, if you have enabled recurrence for the Calendar (You get to specify Recurrence rules for an event in the Calendar component, only if you enable recurrence for it, i.e. enableRecurrence=true).

Exchange - Downloading email file attachments with EWS Managed API

I recently had an opportunity to work with Exchange server having created an ExtJs/Ext.Net based email client for Exchange. And I used the Exchange Web Services Managed API for .NET to interface with the Exchange server itself.