Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports - Accessing default value for a parameter using .NET SDK

Web 2.0: 

We have been using Crystal Reports for our Travel CRM with good results for a few years now. We use a completely custom ExtJs based experience for Report viewing which includes a custom user interface for entering report parameters (see screenshot below for an example) and a custom toolbar for managing report navigation and exporting etc (I had blogged about the toolbar earlier here).

Specifying Run time Connection parameters for Crystal Reports using Pull Model

I was having considerable problem figuring out a way to specify the connection parameters for my Crystal Reports at runtime that used the Pull model for stuffing data. The problem was that I needed to use a different runtime connection than what was configured for the report at design time. And everytime I did so, the report threw up the form asking the user to fill in the connection parameters (I was using ASP.NET web-based reports but the approach below works on desktop also). Needless to say, this was utterly unprofessional.

Get Number of Pages in an ASP.NET crystal Report

This is the first of a couple of blog entires I am writing for web-based ASP.NET Crystal Reports. Both of these blog entires concentrate on having more control over the actual Report Generation to be able to replace the default Crystal Report toolbar, with a custom one, that integrates better with the overall design of your web application.