Windows ODBC - DB: database - getDriverType - Data Source Does not Exist in ODBC.INI file

Sometime ago I was installing Autonomy's WorkSite Server on my new Win 7 64-bit machine for development purposes. Folks who have used WorkSite would know WorkSite connects to its database via ODBC. I had earlier installed WorkSite on a Win 2003 32-bit machine and I thought it was pretty easy to set WorkSite up.

Windows - Task Scheduler can start programs at system startup or user logon

Some weeks ago, I had installed BitVise's WinSSHD server on my primary SVN server machine to enable secure remote access. After the installation, I was noticing that WinSSHD's Control Panel would start up automatically when I login to the machine.

SVN - Copying versioned folders recursively on Windows without .svn folders


Most of us (I mean developers using SVN as version control system) at some point or the other have needed to copy a versioned folder/folders recursively to another location without those ".svn" directories being copied, right. For me, this is a pretty common task every few weeks when I backup my project files or when I need to sync source files between multiple repos in a highly distributed environment.

ExtJs 4 - Running docs over IIS in Windows

I have already been using ExtJs 4.0-Beta3 for the last couple of weeks. And an hour earlier, I occasionally went to the Sencha site to check one of my posts on the forums. And the surprise was waiting there. ExtJs 4 had been launched today.

I immediately downloaded the release version for ExtJs 4 and updated the latest build to one of my projects where I was using ExtJs 4 Beta 3. Separately, I configured the accompanying docs to run over IIS 7 on my Windows 7 machine.

Symbolic links in Windows aka Junctions

Symbolic Links in Unix, Linux and derivatives are a very common and useful feature. Symbolic links in these Operating systems allow you to place links to folders or files (which can be called shortcuts also in Windows terminology) in another folder but they appear completely transparent during normal access, meaning the file and folder that was linked to another folder appears as a normal file or folder and you can perform operations on the symbolic link as if the referenced file/folder was actually present itself instead of the symbolic link.

Scroll Lock key on contemporary Laptops and Leaptops

I recently had a very strange and interesting situation. I regularly use TeamViewer to provide Remote Help & Support to clients from my Windows 7 laptop. During one such recent Remote Session, the client had a wide-TFT display with resolution of 1768 x 992 pixels, while my laptop was running on 1280 x 800 pixels resolution.

Assigning static IP addresses in Windows 7

I am currently working on multiple projects which require me to connect my Windows 7 laptop to different networks in a day. A couple of these networks assign a dynamic IP to the system, when I connect to them, but one of them (Windows 2003 IPv4 Active Directory based) requires me to assign a static IP address to my machine to be able to communicate with the other systems on the network.