Revamping the theme on my website

Well it was long overdue...

I had upgraded my site (i.e. this website you are currently on) to Drupal 7 in November 2014. I was using the popular Marinelli theme but the theme's D7 version wasn't working particularly well on my website. More than anything else, it wasn't responsive and had other shortcomings too.

Hosting Blues

The last couple of weeks have been rather (hmmm.. what would be the perfect word for it), let's say challenging.

I already had my hands full with timelines and tasks for multiple projects. And my (then) hosting provider decided to choose this exact time for, well suspending my Hosting Account. Would you believe it (and some of you might have actually seen it) that this website was showing an Account suspended notice for atleast a couple of days during Apr 2 to Apr 5 this year.

Proud to be an Indian

Its our 62nd Republic Day celebrations approaching. And I am proud to declare myself:

Proud to be an Indian

Looking forward to the Republic Day celebrations (as always), and promising to play my part in the progress of my country, I am further delighted to say:

Images from Greece

You have to agree, its a pleasant world out there. People want to share happiness and bring cheer to others. I just had another instance to support this view.

Sometime earlier, I helped (in a small way) a person in Greece with ExtJs probably. and guess what, he promised to send me images from his country. And he did keep up his promise. The images arrived in my inbox an hour earlier. I was so pleased to look at them, that I decided to publish them here.

Support Wikipedia

You have not really used the Web if I need to introduce you to Wikipedia. Support the good work of the Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia) in any way you can, monetary, technical, voluntary, or just spreading the word around.

I have done my part and its now your turn:

Another DotNetNuke book for review

So, I have again been asked by Packt Publishing to do a third-party review of another of their DotNetNuke book, written by John K. Murphy and titled DotNetNuke 5.4 cookbook. But this time, I am an external reviewer for the book, rather than being an official reviewer.

The book promises to teach you to "create and customize DotNetNuke (DNN) websi

General Help and support

For sometime now, many people have been posting comments on my blog entries for general help and support, not related to the page where the comment has been posted.

I appreciate people seeking help, and I try to respond to the questions in the shortest possible time. However, posting unrelated comments on blog posts tends to distract others from the actual content of the post. And I would like to keep comments on blog posts strictly related to the content of the post being discussed.