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Using your Gmail account for sending automated SMTP emails


Blogging just tad short of a full year, oh well...

Anyways, I today came back to the admin section of my website after a loooong time and noticed automated email alerts from the site (for example comment notification emails) have been failing for sometime. The site uses a Google Apps account to dispatch emails, and I din't thought anything had changed on the account for smtp email delivery from the site to fail.

I tried sending a test email and got this error in my site logs (email addresses changed for obvious reasons):

Crystal Reports - Accessing default value for a parameter using .NET SDK

Web 2.0: 

We have been using Crystal Reports for our Travel CRM with good results for a few years now. We use a completely custom ExtJs based experience for Report viewing which includes a custom user interface for entering report parameters (see screenshot below for an example) and a custom toolbar for managing report navigation and exporting etc (I had blogged about the toolbar earlier here).

DNN - Implementing IUpgradeable for a module's business controller class

I have to acknowledge, it has probably been more than a couple of years since I have done any real DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) development. Quite a few things seem to have changed in this time, especially with DNN 7.x.

A PowerShell based FTP runner for TeamCity builds

A deployment strategy for Drupal sites

Enterprise Servers: 

Oh well, what do you call a system log that has no entries; a malfunctioning system, right. So what would you call a supposedly web log (blog) that has no entries for almost a year and a handful in a couple years Laughing?

Despite deeply wanting  to keep writing, I hardly get a chance to do so these days. But so much for the ranting, time to get down to business now.

MEF - Ordering multiple parts imported using ImportMany attribute of Managed Extensibility Framework

Hello World :)

It's been so long since I last blogged, it essentially feels to be blogging like first time. A lot has happened all this time, and I hope I would be able to share some of my learnings more frequently going forward.

Debugging issues with payment gateway integrations in development environments

Today's the end of a financial year (atleast here in India), so I thought I should write a post related to this sector. Now considering that I have a hardcore technical background, it shouldn't come as a surprise if the post rather gets techno-financial. So here's how it goes.

If you have ever worked on an eCommerce product or platform and have written custom code to provide integration with any Payment Gateway, you would know its a pain to write code to integrate with a Payment Gateway, and subsequently having to modify, adapt or debug it after it has been pushed to production.

Digitally sign and verify PDF documents in C# using iTextSharp 5.3.x library