Ajax Sorted and Paged tables in Drupal 7


My recent blog post on Creating Paged and Sorted tables in Drupal 7 got a comment today asking if it was possible to implement Paging and Sorting in Drupal tables via Ajax, instead of regular Page refreshes that Drupal does by default.

Drupal - Need to include css files manually when using jquery_ui module

Web 2.0: 

After my last blog post on Drupal, expect some more Drupal related blog posts related to my recent work that I have been doing in Drupal.

You might be knowing that the jquery_ui contributed module is the preferred way to use jQuery UI in Drupal. This module provides the jqeury_ui_add method with which you can include any jQuery UI widget on the page. The module ensures that any widget's dependencies are also loaded automatically and that multiple modules wanting to include the same widget do not conflict by including the widget script files twice.

jQuery - Encode & Decode arbitrary objects to and from JSON

Working with ExtJs for a long time now (and deliberately avoiding jQuery whenever I could), I finally dumped ExtJs in favor of jQuery with my upcoming Document module for Drupal (mainly for avoiding users from having to download ExtJs separately when Drupal comes bundled with jQuery). And I was really pleased on how easy, flexible and powerful the library was for tasks I thought were best handled with ExtJs.