Having shielded myself successfully from the Blogging Bug for quite some time, I too have finally been bitten by this bug recently.

A major reason probably why I fell apart to this bug might well have to do with the fact, that I felt there were many things I wanted to discuss on this site, but probably were not fit enough to be discussed under any other existing section of this site. Probably, these things are not generic enough to be put under the existing sections, and demand a separate section, for which I thought Blog would be appropriate.

Now having finally made the dive, I probably would be an infrequent blogger. Owing to my schedule, I would consider it a decent pace if I can manage 5-6 blog entries per month. Having said that, I expect the entries themselves to be short discussing the topic at hand in as few words as possible.

So, here I am, finding myself entering the blogging world…