Checkout this link in the Coolite examples explorer. It demonstrates validating controls that are inside a FormPanel. I was working on a similar control hierarchy, but the isValid() method on FormPanel’s form was always returning true, even when the form was invalid.

Then I decided to test and compare the example code, and the one I was using. After some testing, I noticed that the only meaningful difference between the 2 was that my FormPanel had 3 Panels in its body (each of them was independently collapsible, the reason I had 3 of them), each of which further contained controls. And the validation was always succeeding.

Having figured that out, I changed my markup to intrroduce a RowLayout as the only child of the FormPanel, and moved the 3 Panels inside 3 LayoutRow elements of the RowLayout. That made the form to validate successfully.

The attached aspx file is a direct copy from the refrenced Coolite examples explorer, just introducing a Panel as the direct child of FormPanel, and moving everything else inside the Panel to prove my point.