Well, it feels good to be blogging after a while. The past few weeks have been really hectic. Did you notice I do not have a single blog post for this month before this post? Well, I intend to compensate the void now, and what better way to begin than to offer some useful downloads for the community.

I have been getting a lot of Drupal consulting proposals for sometime. I will discuss these together with my schedule for the past days in a chit-chat entry, but let’s concentrate on the topic on hand.

A lot of these proposals revolve around modifying/enhancing contributed Drupal modules and themes for specific needs. I am providing a couple of these enhancements for the community with this blog post.

Both relate to modifying existing popular Drupal themes, Acquia Marina and Crusti to add new block regions to the themes.

Modified Acquia MarinaFor the Acquia Marina theme (that you can download here), I have added numerous new Block regions to the theme. The total block regions are now 24 (yes 24, you read that correct). Preserving the Acquia Marina nature, all block regions are collapsible, and collapse automatically, when no content is placed in them

For the Crusti theme (updated version available here), the request was to add a Left sidebar to the theme. I really liked Modified Crusti themethe theme’s layout, with a parent right sidebar, which can further house 2 vertical sub-bars in it, providing a really flexible layout for placing blocks. However, the customization request was to add a Left sidebar also, which should be collapsible in case no content is dropped to it.

So, you can find both the customized themes below.