I just wanted to discuss what I have been doing over the last few weeks (let’s say a month, i.e. 4 weeks). It has been so screwed up, that I feel like expressing it to get some relief.

How should I put this forward? You know it can get pretty bizarre at times working on upto 7-8 projects per day, with the clients spread across atleast 4 different timezones, each project having its own timelines and delivery schedules. On top of that, an average work-day of 18-20 hours, and you can imagine how complex it gets.

Add to that the mirage of technologies, one belonging to Perl, a couple PHP/Drupal based, one an ASP.NET/VB.NET web app, one an ASP.NET/C# web app, a DotNetNuke portal, still others being design work based on HTML/CSS/Flash. And finally, MySql and Sql Server as the back-ends, I was sometimes scratching my head, working in the middle of a project, thinking what technology I am currently on.

Fortunately, some of the work has finished-off/would finish off soon. I really need to get a break here (which I don’t see coming in the foreseeable future). Still, I take this opportunity to thank all of my clients. They have been really co-operative (sometimes flexible), and I am seeing the work through.