For sometime now, many people have been posting comments on my blog entries for general help and support, not related to the page where the comment has been posted.

I appreciate people seeking help, and I try to respond to the questions in the shortest possible time. However, posting unrelated comments on blog posts tends to distract others from the actual content of the post. And I would like to keep comments on blog posts strictly related to the content of the post being discussed.

So, I have created brand new forums for General Help and Support at the website for my technical training institute, Imbibe Knowledge Enterprise. You can find the forums here. I will be providing active help and replying to questions on the forums. Further, I will try to get some of my experienced friends also to participate in the forums and provide help.

So, from this point onwards, I would request all visitors on my site seeking general purpose help to please go the above forums. I would request you to kindly keep your comments on this site related to the page on which you are posting your comment. I might delete any comment that I consider unrelated to the page content.

Many of the people come to my blog for questions related particularly to Coolite/ and ExtJs. So, here the the links for the Ext.Net/ExtJs forum:


I thank you all for your understanding.