Well, I have been working with Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) for over a month now. And I am excited to announce formal inking of our association.

It’s a privilege working with people from one of the premier academic institutions in India, globally recognized for its research.

My association with IITB is as a Consultant on PHP & Drupal related projects, advising IITB personnel on various aspects of these technologies, occasionally writing code for them.

I have already done a complete module for IITB, called Reference Links which was later released on drupal.org as a GPL 2 licensed open-source module on request from Drupal community members. In addition to this, we have customized the popular Aquia Marina theme making it support in excess of 25-26 collapsible block sections now.

If you are interested in more details, then here they are.

You might be knowing that Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Govt. Of India has started projects to popularize open source software and to make Indian children IT savvy. There’s an initiative called Talk to a Teacher (an activity of the National Mission on Education through ICT) again launched by MHRD.

I would be working on and advising on various projects and portals being developed under these initiatives of the MHRD. Currently, the portals I am working on include:

http://www.scilab.in/ – An open source platform for numerical computation
http://spoken-tutorial.org/ – Tutorials for teaching open source software to the Indian children in their native languages
http://co-learn.in/ –  Talk To A Teacher project of the National Mission on Education through ICT providing access to talks with Ph.D. students, courses and allowing posing questions to an eminent panel.

I am really enjoying working on these initiatives and moving forward, would like to devote more time to them and help in my capabilities in spreading education to children of our country.