Chess is an application developed in .NET 2.0 with C# by my students Rahul Gupta and Karandeep Maini of DIET, Karnal, as part of their Training in 5th semesters of their B.Tech. (CSE) courses.

ScreenshotThis application provides a player-to-player playing interface, while ensuring that all Player moves are valid, providing live feedback for any invalid moves.

Frankly speaking, I suspected that these students having negligible previous programming experience would be able to handle all validations required for chess correctly. But to my (rather pleasant) surprise, they did, and they did it in a cool manner providing an attractive UI, and feedback for mouse as it moves over board positions.

The game is capable of maintaing user statistics without requiring any database to be configured.

The only thing lacking in my opinion is the option for computer-vs-human games, but as anyone would imagine, implementing this feature is an altogether different ball game, requiring tracts of Artificial Intelligence, and capability to work with Neural Networks, or other such concepts like Fuzzy Logic etc.

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  1. apolsasam

    I would love to have a game against you one of these days.


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