Rent – A – Coder

Rent – A – Coder

Blogs is an application developed in Java 6 by my students Deepa Goel and Priya of DIET, Karnal, as part of their Training in 5th semester of their B.Tech. (CSE) courses.

ScreenshotThis project is inspired from the very popular online Rent-A-Coder portal, which connects Suppliers of Software with their consumers.

The application allows separate registration of Bidders, and Suppliers. Upon registration, Suppliers can create new projects, and supply their details. They are available to Bidders for competitve bidding. All bids are for a project are available to its supplier immediately. Supplier can accept any Bid, whose notification is available to the Bidder. Upon successful completion/termination of the project, appropriate Rating points are credited/debited from the Bidder’s profile, which present the Bidder’s credibility status to suppliers of future projects.

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