KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)

KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)

KBC is a DOS based game based on the popular Game Show, Kaun Banega Crorepati (hosted by Mr. Amitabh Bachhan and Mr. Shahrukh Khan in succession).

Welcome ScreenThis game was developed by me during my Senior Secondary (12th class) using TC++. It is provides a compleltely GUI interface despite being developed ina 16-bit environment. The Game supports various animations, custom sound play, Mouse support, keyboard navigation among other features.

KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI is a game show where you exercise your knowledge and earn money for it. KBC consists of 15 questions and you win the corresponding amount for every correct answer you give. The game starts at Rs. 1,000. You encounter two important breakpoints in the game, one at Rs.10,000 and other at Rs.3,20,000. If you answer the questions corresponding to these values correctly, you take at least Rs.10,000 or Rs.3,20,000 from here.

Game FlowThree lifelines have been provided for your help. If you are not sure about the answer of any question,you can use them to help yourself out. You can use
only one lifeline at a time. Press F1 anytime while playing the game for the details.

If you give a wrong answer, your amount would be depreciated to the nearest lower breakpoint. Therefore if you are not sure about the answer of any
question even after using a lifeline you can press Esc any time to exit the game and you can take away the current  amount of money  you  have already won without any depreciation.

It is a MSDos based game, played by running “Launch.exe”.

Question ScreenThere are no special installation requirements, You can start playing
KBC by running the Launch.exe.

Tips to play:

1) Play by following the instructions and pressing any key(where needed).
2) Answer the questions by pressing ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’.
3) Use your lifelines when you are in trouble .
4) Quit from the games by pressing ‘Esc’.

KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI unlike any other gameshow, uniquely provides you three lifelines which you can use when you are not sure about the answer of any question. The three lifelines are :-

50:50 – You can use this lifeline by pressing “1”. This lifeline erases two wrong answers leaving a correct and a wrong answer.

Exit Screen4 : 2 – You can use this lifeline by pressing “2”. This lifeline allows you to answer two options and you win if any of the two options is the correct one.

T / F – This lifeline changes the question and puts it with one of the option as possible answer and you have to tell whether the option is correct or not. You can use this lifeline by pressing “3”.

The three lifelines are always shown on the top right of the screen . A lifeline with a red cross on it indicates that it has been used and is no longer available.
Always remember that you can use only one lifeline at a time.

Windows Vista/7 Users:
Windows Vista does not allow 16-bit applications to run in full-screen mode. You can check out this link for instructions as to run 16-bit apps in Vista in full-screen mode.

Additionally for Windows 7 users, I would advise you to check out Microsoft Virtual PC.


  1. Jonh

    KBC is a great creation and you obviously have a great degree of talent to create this in only your 12th class. I even used the concept in designing my own program (illusionmagez.com ) which is a resource light 3D modelling software. I really enjoy your work so please keep it going!

  2. dharmendra

    This is excellent

  3. ekta

    sir, can u plz mail me the c++ code of KBC game?

  4. Dikshat

    Sir i have also made a KBC game and i have made categories which are saved in different files and i don not know how to store them under one file, if you could please help me I would be very grateful to you sir. If you wish I can mail you my programme and you can do the needful but sir please reply as soon as possible as I need to submit my programme by Friday.

  5. kuldeep singh

    hello sir i m kuldeep i want to make kbc game in c++ give me code for this game please……………………………..

  6. Ram Singh

    can u plz mail me the c++ code

  7. vivek

    hello sir i m vivek i want to make kbc game in c give me code for this game please…………..

    and i hope you send mail me with code

  8. vivek

    sir can you help me?


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