Online Exam

Online Exam is an application developed in .NET 2.0 with C# by my students Pankaj of GIMT, Kurukshetra, and Mithun of DIET, Karnal, as part of their Training in 5th semesters of their B.Tech. (CSE) courses.

Online Exam ScreenshotThe application provides Administration facilitiesfor managing Questions in the database.

Registered users can attempt exams where a maximum of 10 Questions in the database are presented randomly to them, with the users having 10 seconds to attempt each question.

At the end of the exam, users are presented with the Exam results together with their incorrect answers, and the correct options.

Results after each exam are logged and users can view their aggregated statistics at any point of time from their Dashboard menu.


  1. Mahendra

    Hi, I need source code for this project

  2. perminder

    sir, how to login this project

  3. shilpa kathane

    Hi, I need source code for this project


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